01Chapter One

The once separate media silos of advertising, marketing, public relations and journalism are now melding together. But they’ve always shared a single heartbeat: stories. Because Stories is a storytelling agency that draws on these different disciplines to create and share striking stories for brands, individuals and businesses.

We partner with companies, groups, entrepreneurs and NGOs from across the globe, crafting striking messages that can cut through the noise. 

02Why Stories?

Now more than ever, people are inundated with messages that compete for their attention and leave them overwhelmed. But stories cut through the clutter. They differentiate products and services. They move people. Because a good storyteller speaks from a deep understanding of human emotions and motivations.

When told with integrity, stories have the ability to connect heads with hearts – and companies or causes with clients. And once connected, to inspire action, and create change.

Stories create movements, build brands and ultimately, change the world. And here at Because Stories, we’re on a mission to find and spread the best stories. Beautifully.

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Typically, our clients can be divided into two groups, causes and corporates.
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03Our Story

After working for various companies in the marketing, advertising and events fields, our founders Mia Hoole and Tina Fourie each discovered a particular seed sprouting in their heads and hearts:

The desire to create an agency that would use its collective skillset to help spread the word. About agendas, companies and initiatives that are busy changing the world, making it better.

They birthed a hope, dream and determination to be an agency that offers more than a cheap and hollow voice in the advertising arena. An agency with a voice of integrity and purpose, that partners with champions and game-changers who are making a difference.

And ultimately, an agency that journeys with clients to make an impact, address needs and help build a better world.

Beat the competition.

Grow your company. Find your voice. Start telling your story today.

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