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Star South serves a global market of fruit producers in the retail, wholesale and processing sectors. They’ve been trading for the past 18 years, and besides being South Africa’s biggest importer of table grapes, their portfolio includes citrus, stone fruit, pomegranates, apples, pears, kiwis and dates – sourced across the globe. Star South is all about connections: connecting good people with good prices and good, wholesome produce.


In an ever-changing landscape, in an industry of product vulnerability, it is vital to have a source of stability – a committed guide and constant expert offering direction. As the Star South name implies, the Southern Cross constellation provides an apt metaphor for the stability and security that Star South offers their partners. We drew inspiration from stars as fixed navigation coordinates, visually representing a sense of connection by means of line, grid formations and graphic overlays of the Southern Cross. We also honoured Star South’s relational approach by ensuring that our visual representation was warm and people-centric. The visual storytelling included pictures of hands, feet and human figures at every stage of the business, from farm to table.


Following Star South’s rebranding exercise and new website rollout, the Coronavirus hit. This actually opened up new opportunities for their business, with their digital presence up and running just in time – and more important than ever, as travelling restrictions kept them from connecting with potential new clients abroad. Thanks to their professional look and feel, and comprehensive online storytelling, they could continue to approach business partners, knowing that their online presence would instil confidence.

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