Our Story

After working for various companies in the marketing, advertising and events fields, our founders Mia Hoole and Tina Fourie each discovered a particular seed sprouting in their heads and hearts:

The desire to create an agency that would create impact and change, setting the world on fire through the sharing of powerful, strategic stories.

They combined their skill sets to birth this dream, determined to be a voice with integrity and purpose in the advertising arena. Because Stories was born.

Mia’s professional path later diverged from that of Because Stories, but the agency is indelibly influenced by her passion for stories and people. Tina continues as Director, with a collaborating team of gifted individuals all specializing in their own fields of expertise.

Our client base is global, ranging from South Africa to Europe, and is perfectly positioned to draw from a multi-national collection of insights into human behaviours and motivations, to deliver great stories with universal connection. Because Stories can and should change the world.