Document Layout & Design
Interactive Website
Social Media Launch Campaign
Motion Graphic Development


Although many new ideas towards improving health programmes and services are developed daily, relatively few social innovations are carefully monitored and evaluated. Three industry leaders teamed up to develop a monitoring and evaluation framework and made this available to stakeholders in the social innovation arena, in a quest towards improving healthcare delivery. Once they had completed development, they approached Because Stories to help with the design and launch of this body of work.


We designed a PDF and online interactive version of the framework to ensure resonance with all members within this wide audience. Following this, we developed a short motion graphic explaining the approach and communicating the benefits, and shared the motion graphic via an announcement campaign to start building momentum. Once the campaign was launched, we continued the conversation, inviting people to view the framework and to spread the word if they found it helpful. All these interventions successfully added up, and the framework was downloaded, viewed, spoken about and shared widely across the globe.