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AXIS approached us to rename and rebrand their well-established 25-year-old business. The business baton had been passed from stepfather to son, and they needed a new name and look and feel to represent the new chapter and to usher in the new era. It was very important to them to rebrand without alienating customers or losing their legacy.


All storytelling emphasised the fact that while their name might have changed, their reputation and level of service hadn’t. We proactively communicated with their existing client base to introduce the new name, explain its meaning and launch the new brand look. Old clients felt included and got excited about the new chapter, and new clients noticed the brand and the social media buzz. Win-win!

“We had a ‘new and improved’ story to tell and brand to introduce to the market, so partnering with Because Stories was an easy decision when launching our new offering. They assisted us in rebranding and relaunching, guided us with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of our market, and helped increase our social media presence. They brought us a large number of quality users, and time after time we were amazed by the level of skill, detail and initiative the team displayed.

The service at Because Stories was excellent. They consistently delivered with integrity, professionalism and creativity – it was very clear how passionate they are about what they do and the pride with which they deliver.

Because stories was an essential partner in our success, from launch right to maximizing our return on investment. They are one of the best agencies I’ve ever worked with: outside-the-box thinkers, agile, responsive and results-driven. Because Stories has been a very important driver of our company’s growth.

They TRULY listen to their clients’ needs, take their marketing efforts seriously and have always maintained the highest standards to connect with local audiences.

Owner of AXIS

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